Something for Everyone!

Get Inspired offers opportunities for involvement and engagement for all ages.  From our classroom programs, opening up the doors for scientific discovery, to conducting abalone surveys that create citizen scientists, we aim to work with and in our communities to inspire stewards for our natural places.

Orange County Ocean Restoration Project

We are working to restore the kelp forest ecosystem (kelp, white seabass, green abalone, and Pismo clams) by getting the community involved in hands-on science and restoration.

Science Expeditions

Not everyone is a scientist, but we are all born curious. We designed this program to teach the scientific process, to ask questions, question results, and to know that sometimes there are no right or wrong answers.

Aquaponics: Food for our Future

We have become disconnected from our food. Knowing how to grow your own food is a skill everyone should possess. This farming technique teaches these skills and how to do them sustainably.

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