TEDx Laguna Beach

Thank you for attending the TEDx Laguna Beach event!

As you heard from my talk, we need to make ocean restoration as normal as taking from it. This is going to take a paradigm shift in our thinking. We are going to have to change our relationship with the ocean. There are many scientists, NGOs, and passionate citizens who simply need permission from our state agencies to help restore our oceans.

The state of California is very hesitant to allow ocean restoration projects because they are extremely risk averse.  We cannot afford to let that be an acceptable excuse since science is about taking risks and experimenting. Organizations like Get Inspired want to do ocean restoration before the declining ocean life becomes a bigger crisis than it already is. It is illegal to do ocean restoration without a permit from our state agencies. Luckily, they work for us and will respond to the will of the people if we take the time to tell them what we want. Contact the people below and demand the following:

  • You want a clear path for getting ocean restoration permits
  • You want more ocean restoration permits to be approved
  • You want restoration permits approved for Marine Protected Areas (which are havens for California marine life)

California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Craig Shuman – Director of the Marine Region
Chuck Bonham – Director of the Department

Ocean Protection Council
Staci Lewis – stacie.lewis@resources.ca.gov – Marine Protected Areas Program Manager
Jenn Eckerle – jenn.eckerle@resources.ca.gov – Executive Director

I appreciate your interest in Get Inspired and our ocean restoration work.  Please have a look around our website and see what we’ve been doing. We would love to have your support for our programs. We are currently preparing our proposal to restore green abalone along the coast of Orange County. Send us an email and we will keep in touch to let you know when to put the pressure on.

Thank you for help!